Spanning the full length of the Outer Hebrides, the Hebridean cycle route crosses 10 islands over 297km (185 miles) from Vatersay island in the south to Lewis in the north. It's not a route we've ridden - yet, but is definitely up there in our top 10 must-rides. 

We've had a love affair with north west Scotland since holidaying there with family as children and a little more recently in our 20's, wild-camping and exploring the munros by foot. We can't wait to get back up there with our bikes. It surely one of the most spectacular areas for riding anywhere in the world. Quiet, remote, beautiful. Can we go now, please?! Have your ridden up there? Get in touch and let us know what to look out for. 

We're not suggesting you do the same, but check out the video of Mark Beaumont, endurance cyclist, who completed the route in 24 hours in 2016. It looks amazing. 

Or check out for details of a more leisurely 6 day route with everything you need to begin planning your next adventure. All we ask is that you give us a shout out when you're up there. Happy riding!

Thank you to for the video. 

Thank you to @hannahbarnes66 for the photograph. 

April 29, 2019 — Chris Eagland

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